Case: Loza vs. Cicero Police Dept.

concept illustration of project

From concept illustration...

photo of final fabricated squad car the actual exhibit used in the courtroom.

Law Firm

Martin Healy & Associates


Dave Huber


Case involved a traffic stop where the person in question was instructed to stand directly behind a Cicero squad car where another car crashed into the back of the squad car, killing the person in question between the parked squad and the moving vehicle.


For Plaintiff for the amount of $7,000,000.


The attorneys felt that a full size replica of the portion of the police cruiser would be an effective device to allow the jury to see first hand what a dangerous position the police officer placed the victim.The ever-present vehicle was always in the courtroom for the jury to observe, as well as for the attorneys to reference. The full size replica made it possible for real life positioning of what had occurred and how it could have been avoided. Having this model in the courtroom made this case for the plaintiff much stronger and more personal.